Monday, May 08, 2006

dental implant chicago

Root form implants are used in the case of deep, wide bone and their purpose is to provide a foundation for the replacement of one to a number of missing teeth. The shape of the plate form implant is both long and flat as it is designed to fit into the mouths of patients who have narrow jawbones. Subperiosteal implants have two methods for placement in the mouth- the “dual surgery method involves an impression being taken of the bone and later the jawbone is exposed and the implant is put in place; the second is the “single surgery” method whereby a CAT scan is taken of a patient’s jawbone and from that, a model of the jawbone is designed.

There are four types of bone grafts. The first, autografts are taken from the patient’s own body. The second grafts, allografts come from recently deceased human donors. The third type, xenografts are taken from animals, most often cow (called bovine). The fourth type, alloplastic grafts are inert and are constructed from synthetic man made materials.

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